Ron Stillwell, Realtor


Meet Ron Stillwell

Ron has been in real estate as an agent and as an investor since the 70's, so he's seen it all!  It's often a tricky up and down business, and he has has successfully weathered enough real estate storms that we know we can rely on Ron for sage advice!  

Ron is also one of the nicest and most generous Realtors in the area.  He, along with his wife Becky - also an agent at DFW Community Realtors - volunteer often through their church.  Ron especially enjoys assisting neighbors who are not able to do for themselves - helping to make home repairs and do other needed things around their homes.  

As a Realtor, Ron enjoys working with investors and representing tenants and landlords with residential leases.  No one knows the rental market in East Dallas better than Ron!  

Contact Ron:


Cell: 214-725-0838